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About Diana

Diana Collins is a wife, mother to two beautiful girls, ppd survivor, postpartum doula, president of The Always with Me Foundation, speaker, and author! She’s one busy mama but wouldn’t change a thing!


After losing her best friend Sabrina to postpartum depression and hitting rock bottom herself, she went on a journey of ultimate healing and finding her purpose in life. She enjoys bringing sisterhood in motherhood and creating authentic relationships wherever she goes. Diana says that life is too short and we must live the life we deserve!


When she’s not busy changing the world, you’ll find her reading a book, crafting, and laughing at her own jokes!


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"Diana’s conviction in her message is palpable, and she truly shares her message with truth and intention. Her story is relatable and inspiring to audiences of many walks of life, and her passion for mental wellness advocacy is a sorely needed in today’s world. I would absolutely highly recommend her as a speaker."


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