Diana was living what seemed like a perfect life. She had a great job, a good-looking husband, a beautiful home, and now enjoying motherhood. But, being a full time working mother was wearing her down, and she often questioned the meaning of life and if she was genuinely living out her life’s purpose.


Then, out of nowhere, her life was shaken to its core when she woke up to the news of her best friend's death at just the young age of 26!


Diana shares her story of losing a loved one to suicide, surviving postpartum depression, and learning to live a life worth living. Her hope for her readers is they too will see the light they bring into this world.


You are enough.

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"A Must Read! Diana pulls the heartstrings, taking the reader through her heartbreak over the loss of her best friend and the shame that postpartum depression handed her only weeks later when her second daughter was born. Her words will make you cry, laugh and reflect on your own life - helping to point you to the decision that we all have to face when we are knocked down - and that is choosing life."


-Lindsay Gibson, Author of Just Be How My Stillborn Son Taught Me to Surrender

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